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Sword bids adieu to 2014

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The final months of 2014 where a a busy time for Marcel’s and the Caffeine Nights group, .

One of the most important changes was the move from the platform recreating a Parisian street and square (la Place des Cerises…), to the sea level, which gave the whole build a bigger sense of space outside, and wonderful views, while keeping the intimate cosy feel inside that our friends have enjoyed so much as they discovered the bistro.

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We arrived by the end of Summer, which still allowed for some nice outdoors activity. fishing_001

But soon Fall was upon us, and fallen leaves suddenly where everywhere (inside the bistro too!) and allowed Anouk to add a moody feel to the whole set, (which reminds me of a perfect tune to watch these pictures by, a song about the passing of time and the changing of seasons by Sandy Denny.

Everyone tried to stay outside for quiet evening chats at Marcel’s terrace as long as there where some warmth left and before the snow settled in.

Snapshot_013 (2)

Eventually Halloween arrived and Marcel’s rose to the occasion with some great sets from our dj’s and yet some more awesome decorations by Anouk!

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The Matelots where also active, and in true pioneer fashion sailed out to discover new lands, and were treated by team Captain (G-WINZ) to some wonderful routes, sampling all the seasonal beauty of SL’s winter wonderland. There was also an unusual trip to the Great Wall of China, where we were kindly hosted by Selena Nirvana of the Heartbreakers Entertainment group, and her wonderful Chinese pavilion venue which held the cruise party.

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And we finally got to Holiday season. Anouk once again showed her skills in decorating Marcel’s and all of Croissantville, and all ye merry group enjoyed a time of warm friendship inspired by outstanding musical shows which conveyed according to each dj’s style the spirit of the season.

Chillin’ (literally)
Kala in one of her astounding Christmas gowns
Marcel's Nostalgic_001
Marcel’s by snowfall

So here is 2015!

We can’t wait to see what it will bring to Marcel’s and the Caffeine Nights group, and take this chance to wish you all, once again, a Happy New Year!

Marcel Closing Time
Quiet contemplation at closing time



Long overdue welcome to guest DJ, Rhia!

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DJ RhiaC pic

DJ RhiaC, otherwise known as the “Blues Mama,” is another guest DJ at Marcel’s.  Growing up a punk rock and funk/soul/jazz/R&B aficionado, of course one would predict she would become…a blues DJ???

But for her, it makes perfect sense.  “Punk has an energy, an ‘up yours’ attitude that blues shares.  Blues never cared about being ‘proper and prim,’ and neither did punk.  And of course, funk, soul, R&B and jazz either came from the blues or co-existed with the blues – LOL, it seems almost all 20th century musical forms came from the blues!”  And to those who would scratch their heads at such a vastly wide range of musical interests, well, she’s not interested in easy pigeon-holing.  “I like to dance sometimes – and sometimes I like to think.”

Her favorite musicians were (and are, among others) artists like Prince, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Black Flag, Billy Idol, Blondie, Dead Kennedys, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, and predicting her future interests, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, BB King, Etta James and Little Walter.

Now, although her primary interest is blues, DJ RhiaC is still the same person who resists easy categorization and neat little boxes.  “I have discovered psychobilly and wow, is that a head trip!  I’m also falling for electroswing, thanks to my fellow DJ G-Winz.”  She also has discovered genres of blues she never knew existed – “Punk blues!” she exclaims with a huge smile on her face.  “Is that too perfect or what??”

She can be heard at Marcel’s on Sunday evenings, spinning all kinds of blues genres – everything from a Canned Heat retrospective to boogie-woogie.  And yes, a punk blues evening is in the works…!

Uncle Marcel visits the bistro.

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Uncle Marcel was recently surprised, coming down to check on the unusual noise at the bistro, by a wide group of people, having fun and enjoying the music and ambiance there.


His presence was a success and everyone wanted to be in a pic with uncle, so here we join some of those!
lepow_008 - Cópia

In fact the group he met there has been gathering for some time, since Marcel’s started it’s daily Happy Hour, with a different DJ every evening given free hand to play whatever he/she feels like with no limitations to musical genre or need to prepare a well thought sequence. Just going with the mood of the hour, and frequently venturing on musical styles they usually don’t use on their regular formal show appearances.

lepow_003 - Cópia
As many of our friends already pointed out, it’s precisely that laid back, conversational, friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back, to enjoy a warm company and a familiar chat before they head home to sleep.


We at Marcel’s would also like to thank all the Dj’s (Gerrard “G-Winz” Winstanley; Lorah Lanah and Rhiannon “Rhia C” McKenna) for the way they generously joined the “Happy Hour” project.


Stay Happy,


New Guest DJ events at Marcel’s!

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Howdy everyone 🙂

From this week, Marcel’s will be having a selection of our lovely DJ pals hosting guest slot sessions at the bistro, between 4am – 5am SLT (midnight – 1am GMT).

Although each of the guys has their own usual favourite genre of music that they specialise in, these guest slot evenings will really be a lucky dip, allowing the DJ’s to play totally freestyle, so ya never know what might occur!

Until I can properly update the Opening Times & Events page, here’s a breakdown of who’s going to be guesting when:

  • Mondays – G-Winz
  • Tuesdays – Lorah Lanah
  • Wednesdays – Rhia
  • Thursdays – Closed (Sword DJ’s at Crossing Culture)
  • Fridays – Sword
  • Saturdays – No guest slot at present (G-Winz and Sword DJing on the upper dancefloor alternate Saturdays)