SLU Forum

sluniverse_logoIf you’re already an SL bod, you might be aware of the official Second Life forum (which I’m not going to push here, as I don’t use it – but feel free to check it out if you haven’t already).

Cristiano’s forum avatar –
Totes adorable innit?

I’m going to push my favourite SL forum, SLUniverse (SLU). I stumbled across this unofficial Second Life forum about a year ago, and I’ve never left. It’s become my go-to dysfunctional family that I squabble with, laugh with, yell at and run to whenever I need help. The forum is run by Cristiano – a patient and tolerant Overlord, who keeps a watchful eye over his underlings. I’ve heard tell that moderation on other forums is positively draconian compared to Cris’s laid-back attitude. It takes a lot for him to actually step in and start banging heads together. And I like that. It means that folks there don’t feel they have to tip-toe around heavy-handed moderating that will try to push a discussion in a particular direction, or that will start deleting posts when people express the wrong opinion. SLU is pretty self-moderating. There is a sense of family, to a degree and this stops things from ever (or almost ever) getting too unpleasant or out of hand.

There is an amazing wealth of knowledge between the users and some incredibly clever people. So whether you need technical SL help with building, scripting, general in-world advice – this is the place to ask. The guys are quick, funny, helpful and ridiculously smart. I don’t think I have had a single issue in the last year that they haven’t been able to resolve for me.

What I particularly like about this forum, is that it’s not just for all things Second Life. There are general chat forums for recipes, TV and movie gossip, music, sports. But I would seriously recommend you don’t peek into the Politics, Religion and Society forum unless you’re feeling strong – things can get pretty heated in there! I’ve made the mistake of getting involved in some rather touchy topics before my morning coffee, and that’s never a good idea 😦

So if you fancy visiting the folks as SLU, I would suggest the following:

  • Once you register, get yourself a forum avatar picture. They hate it when they can’t put a face to name – and it doesn’t have to be your face, or even that of your in-world avatar – just something that can be associated with you.
  • Pop along to the New Users forum to introduce yourself. The guys will soon be along to say hi and offer you welcome pie 🙂
  • Then once you’ve familiarised yourself with how things work, dive right in.

There are some hysterically funny threads that have kept me entertained during quiet days at work for weeks. I even started a thread specifically for some of the older members to point us towards some of the historical epic threads: Point Me at the Epic Threads!

As ever, I’m Anouk, and I look forward to seeing you there! Anouk🙂


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