Lunar (Sword & Cal)13

This was an amazing show that many of our guests still speak about and request repeats of. The set was a simple lunar dome, with swirling vortexes, shooting stars and spinning planets. But the really fun part was that there were many floating animations dotted around the dome, so guests were able to suspend themselves in zero gravity and let themselves gently float and spin to the music. The music itself was a hypnotic selection of whirling, soaring, ethereal tunes which beautifully complimented the relaxing swaying with the stars.

Lunar (Sword & Cal)10Lunar (Sword & Cal)8

It was a great opportunity for a bit of dressing up, and we weren’t disappointed…

Lunar (Sword & Cal) - Cal2Lunar (Sword & Cal) - Zem1

Lunar GraceLunar (Sword & Cal) - Freya2

Though this little chap looks like he’s having trouble with his laser gun…

Lunar (Sword & Cal)7Lunar (Sword & Cal)9

I think this show gave me one of my all time favourite costumes, and I can’t wait until we do a repeat show so I can dust off my space suit again…


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