Blues Brothers

This was one of our few ‘multi-set’ shows, and although the basic inspiration was the Blues Brothers, the sets themselves were actually themed around the sequel, ‘Blues Brothers 2000’. All the same fantastic music, but with a different storyline, which included a Louisianna voodoo location. I loved being able to incorporate this darker, more eerie theme into the set.

Blues Brothers jailThe show started as guests arrived at the entrance of the Joliet Jail, where Jake, Elwood and the boys are having a little vacation, at the hospitaility of Uncle Sam. I greeted everyone in my true Blues outfit – black suit, black fedora and shades. And waiting to collect the boys was a black and white sitting just outside the gate, by the light of the silvery…ummm…searchlight.

Warming up the bandGuests were escorted inside (we decided against the strip searching as too many of them would have enjoyed it!), and the band were warming up on stage, cozily protected by rolls of barbed wire (which was only there to protect the guys from hurled underwear being thrown by some of the more excitable members of the crowd).

The Pengiun

Even the penguin (remember her?) was allowed a special day pass to come and bless her wayward sons, (though just between you and me, I don’t think she was really a nun!).

Rocking the Joliet

The guys played a great set of their usual rocking rythmn and blues tunes and even the guards up on the balconies seemed to enjoy themselves. In fact, the Warden was so impressed with the music that he pardoned the entire band, so the party was moved on downtown to Matt Murphy’s Soul Food restaurant.

Soul Food

The party kicked up another notch to Aretha’s hot ‘n’ steamy soul flavours and everyone filled up on some good ol’ home-made soul.

Soul Food

Finally when everyone had eaten their fill, we all took a trip down into the deeep South, to Queen Moussette’s Louisiana home – just in time for the Battle of the Bands finale. Hanging vines and steamy, throbbing voodoo drums in the distance.

Blues Brothers voodoo2

Our guys got up on stage and took on the Louisiana Gator Boys, a local band who thought they were all that and more – but we sure showed them.

Blues Brothers voodoo7

At the end of the evening, it was decided that the Battle of the Bands was a draw and we ended with an epic jam session with the Gator Boys and the Blues Brothers band.

Blues Brothers voodoo1 (2)

And as we always say, tipping isn’t compulsory, but in some cases, it’s certainly advisable 😉

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