A Song of Fire & Ice

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It’s been a while since our last themed extravaganza so this Friday we held another one of our popular events. We decided to call it the Songs of Fire & Ice, in honour of the new season of Game of Thrones. The set was truly the epitome of “Winter is Coming” and we had several diehard fans in their winter woollies.

Sword work really hard to put together what he called his “ice songs”, which was a collection of Icelandic music, ranging from gently haunting mellowness, via the beautifully eccentric Bjork, with a touch of Viking thrash, with even a touch of Nordic mandolin jig!



The starlight sparkles off the snowy wastes as the dark and mysterious stranger appears on the horizon, his black cloak flowing behind him, making him almost become as one with his midnight steed. The figure of the rider and his horse slowly comes out of the veil of mist created by the steam from the distant hot geysers, the horse’s hooves crunching softly in the freshly fallen snow. Faint reflections of the Aurora Borealis glisten eerily on it’s ebony flanks. The rider glances into the foreground, as if expecting someone. He looks around the icy tundra and smiles. His people are coming.

It is Šwørd Štärfällsøn, son of Gustav Štärfäll, of the house of Štärfäll.Sword Starfall sigil

He is the Bringer of Music and the Gatherer of the Clans. When he calls, the people come.

Štärfällsøn settles himself on his mount, waits for the clan to come together, raises his hand, and as all eyes look towards him, the music begins to flow…




The haunting melodies of Icelandic electro band, GusGus:


And as promised, here’s some unexpected Nordic rock, but with fiddles and mandolins!