Past Shows

I’m constantly amazed at just how many shows we managed to put together in a relatively short space of time. I’ve counted about 50 shows, over a period of just under two years. Once we had decided that we would start doing themed shows on a regular basis – because we both discovered that we loved preparing for them – Sword and I worked on trying to produce a totally new and unique show ever two weeks. Sometimes a particular piece of music would inspire one of us to build a theme around that style of music, and other times, something else would be the inspiration. It got to the point where on the rare occasion that I actually watched any tv, I would be studying it for show ideas – what lighting effects could I do? what backdrops, props?

Once the theme was agreed, the sets and playlists would most often almost build themselves. The themes allowed the show to grow around it, almost organically. Music ideas would flow for Sword, and my set building became a labour of love. At the time we were running these shows, I had a lot of free time on my hands, so was able to really devote many hours to the builds, albeit over a short period of time. Looking back on it now, I would guess that the average set would have taken maybe 15 – 20 hours to build, over a period of a week or so. Not that I ever noticed the time. The hours would fly by at a terrifying rate when I had my head deep in building mode. (It was certainly great for the figure as I rarely bothered to stop to eat!).

In the days leading up to each show, Sword and I would have a run through the playlist and tweak tunes here and there. Mr Starfall had a habit of trying to sneak in some tunes that were most definitely stretching the boundaries of what was within our theme at the time and hoped I wouldn’t notice 😛  But it was always a pleasure to see what he had discovered and my musical repertoire has increased enormously since I’ve been working with him.

Usually within a couple of days from show day, we would be getting inquiries from regular guests, wanting to know what to wear, and whether they would have an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit 🙂

One of my greatest pleasures at the time was when guests would arrive on show night and walk onto each new set. Now, I know you can’t technically ‘see’ people’s faces when they’re avatars on a screen, but I tell you now, I could ‘see’ people’s reactions to the sets. I would also hold my breath and wait to see what the reactions would be – and if people gasped in surprise and there were lots of ‘oooh’s’ and ‘aaaah’s’, then I knew I had done a good job. I loved being in a position to produce that surprise and pleasure for people with the surroundings that I created. And then it would be completed by Sword’s wonderful music, which complimented the atmosphere and created a mood to match.

Unless you have been in SL and truly allowed yourself to be immersed in the sounds and sights, this may all seem a bit silly and far fetched. But I can assure you, the sensory engagement of music and lights is quite mesmerising. And if done well, can completely transport you into the fantasy world that’s been created.

I have hundreds of photos for all the shows so I’ll be slowly updating this section as I get time.

I’ll also be cheating a bit and adding show pages when I post about a new show, so we have a record of all the shows under this section, as well as disappearing with the regular posts.

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