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For Folk’s Sake!

CFF-Cow-TransparentThis is the section of the site where we do a bit of blurb about (some of) the many and varied musical artists we love at Marcel’s. I’ve decided that rather than just string together one massive page with lists and lists of artists, I’m going to give each artist their own page. This way I can showcase each singer / band properly and make it easier for readers to find particular artists on the drop-down tabs under the main Featured Artist page.

There are a few real favourites of Marcel’s, (which funnily enough, seem to totally coincide with Sword’s favourites too 😛 ) who will always be regularly featured at the bistro, and will have some sort of little tribute on display at the bar.

For instance, the British folk legends, Fairport Convention, really are the true guests of honour at Marcel’s. Sword has been a huge fan of theirs for many years, so they take pride of place and are frequently showcased. Not to mention that Mr Starfall had a terrible crush on their then singer, Sandy Denny 😉 (There’s even a framed photo of Sandy, taken by the famous British photographer, David Bailey, up on the display cabinet at the bistro).

To pre-empt the following comment, I must stress that Marcel’s is not all about JUST folk music. We do cover a vast and varied selection of musical styles, both with our very own DJ, Sword, and with our guests DJ’s. Now then – I must admit at this point to not being a huge folk fan. In fact, until recently, I couldn’t stand folk music. However, after constant exposure to the stuff, both from Sword at the bistro, and my partner, Lord Andy, I am slowly beginning to allow some of it into my musical collection. I will still never be a fan of the old style, one finger in the ear, big fat woollen jumper wearing, traditional whiney folk music (apologies to the hardcore fans). But I am enjoying a lot of the younger artists who are taking the old traditional music, and adding their twists to it.

We have just come back from the Fairport Convention Cropredy festival, which is an annual festival in the Oxfordshire countryside, organised by Fairport Convention themselves. I won’t go into too much detail here, as I’ll follow up more on the Fairport page, but it is at this festival that I’m seeing a large number of young musicians who are keeping the old folk music alive, but also giving it a new lease of life by imbuing if with a new energy of youth. I’ve always been a rock / goth / metal girl myself, and the idea of folk festivals would fill me with horror. But I have to say, I’m starting to come around. I’ve never heard of most of the bands that appear at the festival, but am usually pleasantly surprised – and occasionally,  totally blown away. Plus there are always some special acts that appeal more to my usual choice of music. In fact, the only reason I was convinced to go for the first time last year is because Alice Cooper was headlining on one night. And despite the very bizarre combination of a bunch of old hippie folkies all chilled out in a field in the English countryside, watching Alice Cooper do a fabulous set with all his usual craziness, it worked, and everyone loved it.

So, once again, don’t think this will be just a folk music related section here. We’ll be covering ever aspect of musical stylings, which gives an excellent indication as to the diversity of music you can expect to hear if you should ever come to visit us at Marcel’s. Our guest DJ’s all have their own personal favourites too so the variety of music is endless. There is guaranteed to be something to suit everyone, at one time or another. And unless they are doing a particular themed set, the guys are always happy to do requests, so don’t be shy and join in 🙂


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