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Long overdue welcome to guest DJ, Rhia!

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DJ RhiaC pic

DJ RhiaC, otherwise known as the “Blues Mama,” is another guest DJ at Marcel’s.  Growing up a punk rock and funk/soul/jazz/R&B aficionado, of course one would predict she would become…a blues DJ???

But for her, it makes perfect sense.  “Punk has an energy, an ‘up yours’ attitude that blues shares.  Blues never cared about being ‘proper and prim,’ and neither did punk.  And of course, funk, soul, R&B and jazz either came from the blues or co-existed with the blues – LOL, it seems almost all 20th century musical forms came from the blues!”  And to those who would scratch their heads at such a vastly wide range of musical interests, well, she’s not interested in easy pigeon-holing.  “I like to dance sometimes – and sometimes I like to think.”

Her favorite musicians were (and are, among others) artists like Prince, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Black Flag, Billy Idol, Blondie, Dead Kennedys, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, and predicting her future interests, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, BB King, Etta James and Little Walter.

Now, although her primary interest is blues, DJ RhiaC is still the same person who resists easy categorization and neat little boxes.  “I have discovered psychobilly and wow, is that a head trip!  I’m also falling for electroswing, thanks to my fellow DJ G-Winz.”  She also has discovered genres of blues she never knew existed – “Punk blues!” she exclaims with a huge smile on her face.  “Is that too perfect or what??”

She can be heard at Marcel’s on Sunday evenings, spinning all kinds of blues genres – everything from a Canned Heat retrospective to boogie-woogie.  And yes, a punk blues evening is in the works…!

Lorah plays Gypsy

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Dear readers,

Marcel’s Caffeine Nights (you do know Caffeine Nights and Marcel’s bistro are one and the same project?) were taken by our DJ, Lorah, on an unexpected field trip to a lovely gypsy camp the other evening. There by the fire, Lorah spun some great classical Flamenco and we all danced by the fire, caught up by the mystery and magic of that special evening.

Gypsy3_001Mr. Jeffries and Miss Koray engaged on a highly entertaining conversation about the yet very new concept of Greek philosophers kissing animals for inspirational purposes (namely donkeys), which led to a more widespread discussion as to who called who a donkey and who was actually too drunk to know what he was talking about. A very interesting and amusing “soiree” in which the guitars of Manitas de Plata and Paco de Lucia, along with the beautiful voices of several Flamenco singers, of which Conchita Buika certainly stood out.

Here are some pictures of the event, in which you will recognize, besides the yet mentionned Jeffries and Anouk, also some mysterious person pretending to pass for Clint Eastwood, Valdez Lauria, DJ Merlinz, Niahm (wearing the full Marcel’s Matelots outfit), Alexia and Kalanite Bluestar.

Gypsy1_001And, since we mentioned her, we leave you a link for one of Concha Buika’s songs.

Be happy!




Sandy Denny tribute evening

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I replaced G-Winz for last night’s happy hour, with a special tribute to Sandy Denny.

The public listened carefully to the tunes presented and commented on that wonderful singer unfortunately gone.

As  I forgot to mention that online here are the titles of the albums used:

Discography from this set:

  • Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking
  • Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief
  • Fairport Convention – Fairport “Live” Convention
  • Fairport Convention – What We Did On Our Holidays
  • Sandy Denny – Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
  • Sandy Denny – Listen Listen (an introduction to Sandy Denny)

We share also a link to Sandy’s official website


Thank you all for coming!

Sword Starfall


P.S – For those of you who happen to be in the neighbourhood of Banbury in the UK, Fairport’s Annual Cropredy gathering is going on from 7th through 9/08/2014, and here’s the link for that:



A long overdue introduction to the lovely Lorah!

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I’ve been very bad and not got my act together for putting info about all our fab guest DJ’s under The Team page so I’m rectifying that as fast as I can.

The gorgeous Lorah Lahnah has been guesting at Marcel’s for a while now so is long overdue a proper introduction and welcome to the team.

Lorah does her Happy Hour set at Marcel’s on Tuesday nights, from 4pm SLT (midnight EU time) so please come along and give her your support. She’s a dear friend of the club and we love having her there! 🙂



Final Round of the World Cup

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In celebration of the end of the football (or commiseration, depending on your side), the Marcel’s regulars had a final match tonight to decide this year’s champions.


We even had our own shirts made up…


The team were all in tip-top shape…


It was a heated game and I worked real hard when it was my time in goal….

But ultimately, we showed what a REAL World Cup should be, with players from all over the world coming together to have a bit of fun 🙂


Introducing DJ Patty Poppy!

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Marcel’s is proud to present our newest guest DJ, Patty Poppy! (cue mad applause).

Poppy has done a couple of sets for us at Marcel’s now and they have been a huge success. To the point that I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime because she kept playing such great tunes that I didn’t want to leave   😛

We’re very happy to have Poppy join our Caffeine Nights family and hope you will come and listen to her Happy Hour sets every Thursday, 4pm SLT (midnight EU time).

Check out Poppy’s bio under The Team page 🙂

Patty Poppy

James Bond at Marcel’s

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Tonight we had the lovely Lorah ‘Golden Girl’ Lahnah DJing in the upper ballroom, with a special James Bond themed evening of tunes. We even managed to find a few props to make Mr Bond feel at home…




G’s Alternative Eurovision at Marcel’s

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Another surprising evening with G-Winz’s alternative Eurovision song contest at Marcel’s!





Some doubts remain as to how could Hungary win with more votes than people voting,


and everyone mentioned a suspect undercover person that after taking a bow over the counter left with the trophy…



Lorah’s Magic Feet

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Yes, we start the evening in the usual cool fashion…
We sit at the bar and chat and have our drinks while Lorah starts her set…
But then…a sudden urge gets hold of everyone and we all start tapping on the counter, then involuntarily moving, and finally we are irresistibly drawn to Lorah’s  magic circle of dance!
If you want to catch Lorah’s freestyle sets, she’s at Marcel’s every Tuesday, from midnight to 1am (4-5pm SLT).

Be Happy,


Uncle Marcel visits the bistro.

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Uncle Marcel was recently surprised, coming down to check on the unusual noise at the bistro, by a wide group of people, having fun and enjoying the music and ambiance there.


His presence was a success and everyone wanted to be in a pic with uncle, so here we join some of those!
lepow_008 - Cópia

In fact the group he met there has been gathering for some time, since Marcel’s started it’s daily Happy Hour, with a different DJ every evening given free hand to play whatever he/she feels like with no limitations to musical genre or need to prepare a well thought sequence. Just going with the mood of the hour, and frequently venturing on musical styles they usually don’t use on their regular formal show appearances.

lepow_003 - Cópia
As many of our friends already pointed out, it’s precisely that laid back, conversational, friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back, to enjoy a warm company and a familiar chat before they head home to sleep.


We at Marcel’s would also like to thank all the Dj’s (Gerrard “G-Winz” Winstanley; Lorah Lanah and Rhiannon “Rhia C” McKenna) for the way they generously joined the “Happy Hour” project.


Stay Happy,