DJ Sword lighterI came to discover SL (Second Life) by accident in 2010, thinking it was another online game (which I know many think it is), but finally I found that there’s much more to it. After those first weeks when you do all that a Newbie does; all the silly mistakes, the inconsiderate jerkiness; until you finally (despite all the warnings from the very start from the elders) realize that behind every avatar there is a real person, eventually in time you become wiser and realize you can find some very special people and good friends that make the whole experience of SL much more than a simple game.

One other thing that always drew my attention was the presence of music, and the way it is important in SL not only in enhancing the experience, but because having no distractions, when you go to a show, be it live music or a DJ’s set, you can really pay attention to tunes you may have already have heard before but didn’t actually notice how perfect and moving they are when listened to in a proper surrounding.

Of course the best thing that happened to me in this context was meeting Anouk, who I must first and foremost thank to have pushed me beyond my shyness to become a DJ, which I sincerely think I’d have a hard time doing if it wasn’t for her support and encouragement.

So from a humble start in the “Too Easy” Rock Club of my “hometown” Southern Heart (the first place I remember in SL where I dressed under a bridge and started chasing female avatars…), and here I have to place a sincere thanks to Eddy Penberg and Belle Kingmaker.

Once we started running our own shows at our own club, we had lots of fun choosing the themes and imagining how they should look like, and it always impressed me to see the way Anouk managed to make them come to life, and how, from show to show she improved her building skills, achieving some truly fantastic sets, far beyond what I might have imagined. I soon realized (after dodging some grenades and other bits and pieces of construction material) that I’d better concentrate on the soundtrack, and leave her alone to work, and I’m glad I did because so much bigger was then the amazement when finally she let me see each completed set.

I don’t have any musical training, so I don’t pretend to be a scholar in music – I just listen carefully and let the music touch me…I listen with my mind and my soul and my heart, and sometimes the magic that is music lets me into its wonderful universe, and allows me to see the beauty lying in those mysterious chords, Polishing the barharmonies, sounds… be part of that flow of happiness that great songs and tunes can provide. And that keeps me wanting more, and searching for new surprises. It’s this feeling that I’d like to bring you as a DJ, asking only that you listen to my choices, and hoping for your kindness may it happen that you don’t agree with them.

So now I spend my time playing music for my friends in SL, at Marcel’s bistro. I also polish the bar, serve the drinks, and make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night. I hope to be able to share my music with you sometime 🙂