Guest DJ – Patty Poppy

Patty Poppy


Music is the voice of the soul…. I’m not sure who coined that phrase but to me it says everything about what music means to me.

I first started DJing in SL in 2008 while hosting events for Relay for Life. I discovered it was such a joy that I soon began to DJ and host my own events of numerous artist receptions in my galleries every month.

One of my great joys is sharing music I love. I discovered I preferred building playlists from my substantial library and soon opened my own venue. Then a second venue. Both of which are still open. I host and DJ both of them on a weekly basis.

I’ve had strangers and club owners alike say to me “…… you’re one of the best DJs in SL, Patty.”   That comment always makes me smile.

On Monday evening at 6:30 pm slt at my Alley Cats Alley venue. There is no theme – good music, friendship and conversation are the foundations of this venue. Casual. In the Alley you can be who/what you want to be.

On Wednesday from noon to 2pm slt I DJ at the Leonard Cohen Club. A variety of music including Cohen, Clapton, Dylan, and a miriad of other artists. No theme. Good music, friendship and conversation.

Thursdays I play Happy Hour at Marcels’ Cafe. A great little casual cafe with formal dancing upstairs. A great staff, good dances and the music is varied and excellent! Marcel’s has occasional themed dances, as well.

Saturday evening: Poppy’s Place Dance Club high above the Alley is my second and more formal dance venue. Generally there is a weekly themed dance with a special set to complement the occasion. Arriving in theme is certainly not a requirement and everyone is welcome to this weekly get together. At Poppy’s Place you can be who/what you want to be.

You can view my flickr account for pics and to get an idea of the various events I’ve held there.

My music interests are many – Everything from belly dancing, celtic to classical, classic rock, to ballroom or even mermaid. Heavy metal, pop and rap are generally not part of my sets. Among some of my favorite song writers/artists are: Cohen, Young, Dylan, Thorogood, Cocker, Max Raabe, Ishtar, Thievery Corporation, Afro Celt Sound System, Sting, Bowie, Clapton….. just to name a few.

I do take requests during my sets.   Occasionally I actually have the track you request.. just sayin.. 🙂

I generally do not use a microphone in SL but do a lot of interacting with the guests in open chat.

I have my own stream and a TIS Hybrid Dance Machine filled with a large selection of single and couples dances.

My stream:

Please contact me via email for booking arrangements:

From the great State of Oregon in the USA! Living in SL time zone!

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