Stunning Light Show by Kizcean ‘Starman’

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Apologies for my usual tardiness in posting but this show in particular really deserves to be congratulated.

Earlier in the year we were fortunate enough to have the very talented Kizcean do one of his stunning light shows for us. I decided that these light and particle shows really need to have their own dedicated location in order to fully enhance the effects so I have built a special dome set in which hopefully we can hold many more such shows in the future.

I placed recliner seats all around the outer circumference of the set so that folks could just lie back and be fully immersed in the beautiful sounds and sights being created.

The tunes were a selection of very mellow ambient music specially selected by Kiz to compliment his lights.

And here, courtesy of our ever-helpful videographer, Sword, is a small taste of the amazing show.


The show was a huge success and many visitors confessed to being deeply moved by the immersion of gentle music and magical swirling lights.

I’ll make sure to keep you all posted if we hold any similar shows in the future.

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