Month: November 2014

Marcel’s Sur la Mer

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Marcel’s Bistro is now a bijou waterfront establishment – by popular demand!

Snapshot_001The location of the bistro is on exactly the same plot as before (so your LM’s will still work as before) but instead of being up on a platform, we are now making the most of the lovely sea view we have down on the ground level.

Snapshot_002Uncle Marcel requested that we reproduce his old fishing village so I have tried to incorporate this whilst also keeping a taste of the old Paris that he loved so much. The renovations are a work in progress so please excuse any rough bits around the edges in the meantime.

Snapshot_004 Whereas Sword used to call our original landing spot the ‘Place des Cerises’, he has now decided that the bistro is located in Croissant Ville sur Mer.

I eagerly look forward to his next brilliant idea that will involve more major construction work on my part šŸ˜›


The Gospel, According to Rhia

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Snapshot _ Caffeine Nights Show Plot, Annelie (45, 193, 3752) - copyOK, folks, I am calling on you to repent of your SINS!Ā  Come forward and dedicate your lives…to having fun and dancing up a storm!Ā  For two hours, we’ll be dancing and having fun to some of the most awesome gospel music, from old-time religious music to the most modern of remixes!Ā  Shake the dust from your feet and tap them to the most uplifting two hours of tunes you’ve ever heard!Ā  – Rhia C

Last weekend we were treated to a most uplifting themed show DJ’d by the lovely Rhia ‘Blues Mamma’ Colclough. Now I’ve always loved gospel music, so I was really looking forward to see what she would play, but she really pulled out all the stops and as well as the more traditional ‘churchy’ gospel, she also mixed it up with some amazing true Southern Baptist style blues gospel.

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We were even fortunate enough to manage to get hold of the very popular gospel choir, the Second Life Gospel Singers, who gave Rhia a resounding backing vocal support…


We had a great turnout and everyone felt the spirit lift them as they danced and raised their voices to the heavens.

And it just goes to show how music can bring everyone together, as we even had angels and demons dancing in harmony…

Snapshot_046 Snapshot_047

Though I did wonder what the celestial punishment would be for dancing on the head of an angel…


And finally, our very own Mr Sword Starfall presents one of his outstanding stop-motion movies of the event, so you can get the true feel of the atmosphere and the music:

Slightly Belated Halloween pics

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I’ve been meaning to get a post up about all the various shows and events that we held over the Halloween week, but as I myself was unfortunately unable to be present for these, I was waiting for my dear co-host, Sword, to produce the article for this section. However, due to some very serious high priority matters (*cough* sailing *cough*) he has not been able to get around to it, so I’m just going to put up some pictures of the club with the rather fab dĆ©cor – if I do say so myself. We did have a wee pre-Halloween bash to celebrate the completion of the decorations, but I’m still waiting for someone (*cough* Sword *cough*) to send those to me…Ā Ā  Ā  šŸ˜›

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And I really couldn’t resist showing off my brand new Maleficent costume, bought specially for the occasion..

Snapshot_001 Snapshot _ Caffeine Nights, Lahars (239, 218, 880) - Mature

Marcel’s Bistro featured in the Sim Street Journal

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About Sim Street Journal


Sim Street JournalĀ defines the virtual life culture and what it reveals about first life. Released online, this journal explores the relevance of the virtual to the real. Discover the experiences of those creating and achieving in Second LifeĀ® and why it relates to all culture.”

Sword and I were recently interviewed in-world by the Editor and creator of Sim Street Journal, Eleanor Medier, in respect of being virtual club owners, and all that entails.

Here’s the link to the main article:

“TheĀ Crafted Welcome – by Sword StarfallĀ and AnoukĀ Koray of Marcel’s Caffeine Nights

It was a fun interview and Eleanor asked some very interesting and thought-provoking questions. It made us really have to consider some of the reasons we do what we do.

Thank you to Eleanor for taking the time to come and chat with us, and to give us such a great write-up in the magazine!Ā  šŸ™‚

As the quote from the magazine below states, there is the online version, with a link to the front page here, or you can pick up an in-world version from various vendors (we have one at the bistro if you want to come and grab one).


The magazine is Published in complimentary versions: in-world and online.

ā€” The in-world magazine has topics that relate to those who understand the virtual context, including photographs, parallel articles. It has tabs for informationĀ landmarks, and web links.

ā€” The online magazine expresses what the virtual world offers the real one. It is a mirror that reflects parallel articles, hot topics, and provides more links.