Sandy Denny tribute evening

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I replaced G-Winz for last night’s happy hour, with a special tribute to Sandy Denny.

The public listened carefully to the tunes presented and commented on that wonderful singer unfortunately gone.

As  I forgot to mention that online here are the titles of the albums used:

Discography from this set:

  • Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking
  • Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief
  • Fairport Convention – Fairport “Live” Convention
  • Fairport Convention – What We Did On Our Holidays
  • Sandy Denny – Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
  • Sandy Denny – Listen Listen (an introduction to Sandy Denny)

We share also a link to Sandy’s official website

Thank you all for coming!

Sword Starfall


P.S – For those of you who happen to be in the neighbourhood of Banbury in the UK, Fairport’s Annual Cropredy gathering is going on from 7th through 9/08/2014, and here’s the link for that:


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