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 Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome – to Caffeine Nights at Marcel’s!

We’re a friendly crowd who like to hang out in a cozy virtual cafe and listen to a mellow selection of music, hosted by our very own DJ, Sword Starfall, under the Caffeine Nights group.

Welcome to Marcel's(If you’re already a member of Second Life, then you’ll know what I’m talking about, but if it’s all new to you, you might want to pop on over to the Second Life page for an introduction to our virtual world.)

To those of you who are already members of SL, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it’s nice to find a place to go, where everybody knows your name – like a virtual Cheers. And that’s hopefully what we’ve created with Marcel’s. There’s nothing wrong with strutting your funky stuff at the big, crowded clubs – but at Marcel’s we like to actually chat with our visitors. We don’t fill the screen with those annoying club gestures (unless they’re really funny ones, or if I accidentally set one off whilst playing with buttons). We want people to feel that they can come to Marcel’s bistro after a long day at work, and relax. Pull up a virtual stool – have a virtual drink (and maybe a real one at the same time) – and kick back whilst enjoying a selection of folk, blues, jazz and anything else that takes the DJ’s fancy.

The club is run by Sword Starfall, who plays the music, pours the drinks and keeps the customers happy; yours truly, Anouk Koray, who takes the pics, edits the blog, and generally make a noise and gets in the way; and Uncle Marcel, who owns the club and oversees everything we do with a beady eye from his rocking chair – until he nods off. You can read a bit more about each of us and our SL histories under The Team page.

When you first arrive at Marcel’s, you will land in what Sword affectionately refers to as the Place des Cerises; a sunny little courtyard where you can sit and enjoy a coffee or breakfast before entering the club, which is inside the covered walkway. Snapshot_009

Marcel’s bistro is just inside the covered walk, on the left. This is the spot where the regular evening hangouts take place. It’s small and cozy and perfect for a peaceful chat and listening to some music. Just don’t sit in Uncle Marcel’s rocking chair or he’ll sulk for a week!

The bistro is open at all times and anyone is welcome to visit and spend time there, even if there’s no events going on. Check out the Events page for our regular opening times and any forthcoming special shows and guest DJs.

We love sharing our music with our friends, and are always discovering new artists through other people’s recommendations. So please come along and join us – we are always happy to see new faces 🙂


Snapshot_002Uncle Marcel requested that we reproduce his old fishing village so I have tried to incorporate this whilst also keeping a taste of the old Paris that he loved so much.

Snapshot_004 Sword has decided that the bistro is located in Croissant Ville sur Mer, as the name covers two things he loves – the sea, and croissants.

I eagerly look forward to his next brilliant idea that will involve more major construction work on my part 😛